The Greens’ vision is an Australia where we grow the new clean economy, reform unfair tax breaks, put people before big corporations and reduce inequality.

This means being upfront about growing our revenue base by getting rid of unfair tax breaks, asking the very wealthy to pay more and directing investment into productive areas of the economy.

Removing tax free fuel and other perks for miners

$24 billion

Cancel the Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition

$17 billion

Putting a price on carbon pollution

$16 billion

The Buffett Rule, to ensure the rich pay their share of tax

$8.4 billion

Removing the capital gains tax discount and negative gearing

$5 billion

Reversing company tax cuts

$4.8 billion

Stopping the concealment and splitting of income by trusts

$4 billion

Reverse income tax cuts for highest earners

$4 billion

Stopping debt-loading by foreign multinationals

$1.8 billion


$85 billion



The government’s leaks show that the 2017 budget will continue to punish students and young people; fail to act on our housing affordability crisis and will give a free pass to big business, fossil fuel giants and the vested interests that make up the Liberal Party’s donor base.

As the budget is released, we will cut through the government’s rhetoric and share information about who will lose out under the plans of Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison.

Authorised by R Di Natale, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600.